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Accelerating progress on the world's most pressing issues.

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Create the future of science research innovation

Research today relies on scattered and outdated websites that makes it difficult for researchers to find the information and resources they need. Labkind is a smart platform that enables science labs across different fields to work together to make a bigger impact.

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Connect every research lab in the world

Solving global challenges will depend on labs and researchers having the ability to rapidly share information and resources. Labs will not only need to be aware of each other, but be backed by an informed society that can rally behind their efforts. To do this we’re creating a universally accessible space for every research lab to connect and share their unique story.

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Maximizing research resource efficiency and innovation

Search algorithms maximize research efficiency by matching research projects and their needs with researchers, labs, technologies, and resources across different fields. Built with a beautiful and intuitive UX/UI interface designed for rapid communication between labs.

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